Mantsole Farm Radium Bela Bela.

Growers of Lohmann Brown chicks into quality laying hens

We are situated in Limpopo, 70km from Pretoria and 30km from Bela-Bela on the N1.

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Ordering of Day Olds

If you order day old chicks, a deposit of 70% is required upon order to secure your order, and it must be done before the seventh of the month for the end of the month.

Day old chicks can only be ordered once a month. The order must be processed 25 days in advance, because eggs are placed at the hatchery based on orders.

No orders will be placed if your deposit are not paid in time. Before the 7th of each month, for orders to be delivered at the end of the month.

PLEASE, once arrangements are made for a day and time to collect; make sure you keep to your arranged day and time of collection. If you cannot make your appointment, make arrangements well in advance. Keep your appointment as agreed upon.

If you cannot be reached 1 day after collection, your chicks will be sold to the next customer. And in missing your collection day and time, you will forfeit your chicks and your deposit.

In accordance with S.P.C.A. and Animal Cruelty, we cannot group chicks in boxes for more than a day without food and water.

Ordering of Point to Lay Chickens

If you are happy and want to place an order you can contact us or email us.

We will get back to you in a flash.

We will always send you a written quotation.

We will need information to help you in your order.

Providing a location for delivering will help us in working your order.

If you are satisfied with the quotation a 50% deposit will be required.

When the deposit reflects in our account you will be contacted for final arrangements.


Mantsole Farm is situated between Hammanskraal and Bela-Bela on the N1. We are growers of Lohmann Brown Layers for the last 6 years.

We started with 5000 chicks a month in the beginning and went up to 10 000 a month. Due to the COVID epidemic we stopped for a while, however with the easing of the situation, we started again. We have scaled down, but as the conditions are improving, we are growing once more.

We have a highly trained group of handlers that raise the chicks to their full potential. Every chick that enters our farm is given the best care they deserve. Our skilled handlers set out to make sure, no chick is left behind.

All our A-Grade quality chicks are supplied by Lohmann SA. All chicks are vaccinated at the hatchery for your protection. We also have an intensive vaccination program that we follow, to make sure that all chicks bought at Chicken Mama's are high quality and fully vaccinated.

At Mantsole Farm, we take extra care of our chickens. We have regular visits from a qualified veterinarian who has the full understanding of what is needed to grow these chickens. All concerns are dealt with expertly and timely. Only the best for our chickens.

We take pride in our business, all aspects are handled professionally. Whether you need to place an order, purchase chickens or would like information, we deliver professional service when contacting us.

If seeing is believing, an appointment can be made to visit our farm. You will receive the best information and a tour to see the chickens in their environment and answer any questions you might have. We do not allow photographs to be taken on these tours, as there are many scammers who take advantage of the situation.

Our chickens get fed with the highest quality pellets from Nutri Feeds. Starting out on Starter Pellets for 6 weeks, then Grower Pellets until they are fully grown, then moving over to Layers Mash. Nutri Feeds makes sure our chickens grow up strong and healthy.

Mr. Paul Bester is the farm manager and supervisor in charge of growing and selling of chickens. He is supported by skilled and highly trained workers.

If you have any questions, and would like more information, either would like to visit the farm or would like to place an order; visit our CONTACT PAGE to get professional expert service.

We work in conjunction with Agrivet Agriculture where you can get all your cages and equipment for your business, as well as Enduro Vet that supplies all our vaccines. please feel free to ask for more information. We can supply you with equipment, food and vaccines.

Processes of Ordering

After seeing the chickens and visiting the farm, you can place an order, by contacting one of the representatives.

We will always first give you a written quotation, which will be valid for 7 days.

To qualify we will need your contact information: Name | Surname | Address | Phone Number| location and Email Address.

If you accept the quotation, a 50% deposit must be paid on your order into the bank account details that would be provided to you. No orders will be processed without your deposit.

Chickens that are collected must be paid in full before they get released into your care. If we deliver, you must make the final payment before chickens are off loaded.

If the chickens are delivered, make sure that there are people available to help receive the delivery. The delivery man will not be expected to offload all chickens alone, keeping him into the late hours of the day.

Stress packs must be given for the first 3 days after collection or delivery.

If you book a day for collection / delivery, make sure that you are available on that day. All collections and deliveries are set to a program, if you are unable to make the collection / delivery, make sure that you make other arrangements well in advance. Food and time will be charged for late collections or delayed deliveries.

Twice a month Viro Kill can be administering to your water, to combat bacterial infections and for general health in your cage.

Cages can also be sprayed with Viro Kill while the chickens are inside. It helps for general health with your chickens and serve as a prevention against bacteria.

If one of your chickens are ill, remove it immediately from the cage and keep it separate from the rest for treatment. Only once the chicken is 100% recovered it should be returned to the cage.
Do not keep sick chickens together, it slows the healing process. And remember, diseases spread quickly.

Fresh water and good quality food must be given to your chickens on a daily bases.